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2. [DIGITAL] The Ultimate Chinese Character Course (Video Course)

2. [DIGITAL] The Ultimate Chinese Character Course (Video Course)

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 This is a one-time purchase of the Skritter Character Course. After checkout, you will be able to download all the video files and PDF's as zip files to keep forever and watch offline. Alternatively, you can sign up for a Skritter subscription to stream the course as part of your Skritter membership, as well as study the characters in the Skritter app.

Associated with the course are:

17 in-depth lessons

2+ hours of video content

Printable character worksheets PDFs (simplified and traditional)

English captions

In this course, you will learn how Chinese characters work so that you can learn them efficiently, and effectively. By the end of the course, you will know 150 high-use characters, as well as the skills needed to learn thousands more...

Skritter has taught tens of thousands of students Chinese characters since 2008. Using all of our expertise, we have condensed what we've learned over the years into this video series.

The course takes you on a journey of discovery through time, going right back to ancient times, with simple characters that originally started out as pictures, similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs.

We will then learn how these simple shapes were combined to create more complicated forms.

Finally, we will learn all of the ways that Modern Chinese characters are now composed, which uses both sound and meaning components to make thousands of words.

This comprehensive course caters to all types of learners, whether you’re self-studying, an absolute beginner, a seasoned pro, taking classes, or learning with a tutor. It’s designed to accommodate anyone with a genuine interest in Chinese and a willingness to learn.

Who this course is for?

Beginner or intermediate Mandarin Chinese language learners

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